About Liberty & Co.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an obsession with 18th Century America, Colonial American, and Revolutionary War period. Ever since childhood, the sound of fife and drum playing in the distance had the same effect of a moth to a flame, and the sight of someone wearing a tricorn hat caused me stare with wide-eyed wonder. Even today, I wish I could yell “Huzzah!” in the general public without disapproving looks from strangers.

These are the ideals Liberty & Co. was created upon. What better way to show your love of American history than to wear it for everyone to see?

Liberty & Co. products are a combination of timeless classics, and fresh, original designs. These designs are meant to honor the patriots and events that formed our great country.

But most importantly, I want to do my small part by donating 10% of our annual revenue to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia (read more about it here!)

Warmest Regards,
Tyson Frantz

Tyson Frantz

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