Bloody Boston Massacre Collection


March 5, 1770. While under attack by an angry mob in front of the then Customs House on King Street, British Army soldiers Led by Thomas Preston shoot and kill 5 Bostonians. They are subsequently defended by an up-and-coming Boston lawyer patriot, John Adams, and acquitted of charges.

Our Bloody Boston Massacre Collection includes:

  • 1x Bloody Boston Massacre T-Shirt (select size below)
  • 1x Bloody Boston Massacre Sticker
  • 1x Bloody Boston Massacre Candle


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Weight 33 oz

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Pennsylvania, USA


Liberty & Co. t-shirts are a combination of both timeless classic imagery, such as Ben Franklin’s Join or Die snake, to unique, modern ideas such as the John Adams Law Firm t-shirt. We’d like to honor our Founding Fathers, as well as the events they lived through during the 18th Century and American Revolution and Revolutionary War, with a great line of tasteful and great looking t-shirts.


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