Culper Spy Ring Shirt


Founded in 1778, and popularized in modern day by AMC’s hit television series “TURN“, the Culper Spy Ring was a small group of spies organized by Major Benjamin Tallmadge under the direction of General George Washington. Headquartered between Setauket, NY and New York City, the key members associated with the ring were Abraham Woodhull, Robert Townsend, Caleb Brewster, Austin Roe, and Anna Strong.

One of the most famous features of the ring was the Culper Spy Ring code book used to create and decode encrypted messages.

Our Culper Spy Ring shirt pays homage to this small yet incredibly brave group of associates who helped gather intelligence for the American cause during the Revolutionary War.

Printed on super soft Next Level 6210 Shirts
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Liberty & Co. t-shirts are a combination of both timeless classic imagery, such as Ben Franklin’s Join or Die snake, to unique, modern ideas such as the John Adams Law Firm t-shirt. We’d like to honor our Founding Fathers, as well as the events they lived through during the 18th Century and American Revolution and Revolutionary War, with a great line of tasteful and great looking t-shirts.


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