East India Company Mug


The Tea Act of 1773 gave the British East India Co. a monopoly over the tea trade in the American colonies. On December 16th of that same year, colonists revolted by dumping 342 chests of East India Co. tea on 4 ships into Griffin’s Wharf, otherwise known as the Boston Tea Party.

Our East India Company stoneware mug showcase’s the famous mark of the East India Co.


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Weight 13 oz
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Pennsylvania, USA


14 Fluid Ounces




Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs are in a class of their own. Handcrafted in Wisconsin, these exceptional mugs feel amazing in your hand, and might even make any beverage you put in them taste better. 100% lead-free and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, our custom designs from Sunset Hill will quickly become your favorite mug!


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