Green Dragon Tavern Sticker


Until about 1774, The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, MA, was a meeting place and coffee house for social clubs. The most notable groups was a contingent of 9 men who originally gathered at the Green Dragon in response to the Stamp Act. The “Loyal Nine”, as they were known, would eventually help spark the American Revolution.

This sticker design features the sign emblem that hung outside the Green Dragon Tavern.

Part of the Daughters of Liberty Sticker Collection.

Sticker Dimensions are 6″ x 2″

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Black, White

Designed In

Pennsylvania, USA




6" x 1.5"


Liberty & Co. historical stickers are made from high quality, durable vinyl that can be used both indoors and out. Stick it on your laptop, your car window, your mirror, or anywhere else stickers stick to! 


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