Peacefield Candle


Founding Presidents Candles Collection

Quincy, Mass.

In 1787, John and Abigail Adams purchased the home that would become known as Peacefield. Nicknamed such by President Adams in recognition of his pursuit of lasting peace with France, John and Abigail would go on to enjoy many years here. Not long before her death in 1818, Abigail planted a vine of wisteria alongside the Old House, which to this very day prominently climbs more than thirty feet up its western side.

[icon name="fire" class="" unprefixed_class=""]  Scent Profile – Fresh wisteria blossom, floral


Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Designed In

Pennsylvania, USA


Soy Blend Wax

Candle Size

13.3oz, 7.9oz


Liberty & Co. candles are inspired by real American Revolution and Colonial 18th Century history. We’ve spent countless hours researching each theme to find unique, historically significant details on which to blend a particular fragrance. Whether the scent you choose is reminiscent of the home of a Founding Father, the site of a Revolutionary War event, or reflective of an historical American symbol, we hope that our candles will bring these locales to you.

All of our candles are made from plant-based soy wax, and hand-poured in small batches. 



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