Winter Encampment Candle


– Valley Forge, Penna. –

The Continental Army faced some incredibly difficult conditions over to course of the American Revolution, but the winter of 1777-78 was particularly brutal for George Washington’s troops, who endured unimaginable hardships at Valley Forge. Woefully short on basic supplies and essential provisions, Washington’s decision to suffer the conditions with his troops rather than seek more comfortable accommodations for himself boosted patriot loyalty and troop morale, ultimately proving critical in winning the war.

Once the candle has been fully burned, clean out the jar and reuse it! The beautiful wood lid makes for a great decorative storage vessel.

  Scent Profile – Tobacco, Campfire Smoke, & Resolve

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Weight 18 oz
Designed In

Pennsylvania, USA


Glass, Soy Blend Wax, Wood

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Liberty & Co. candles are inspired by real American Revolution and Colonial 18th Century history. We’ve spent countless hours researching each theme to find unique, historically significant details on which to blend a particular fragrance. Whether the scent you choose is reminiscent of the home of a Founding Father, the site of a Revolutionary War event, or reflective of an historical American symbol, we hope that our candles will bring these locales to you.

All of our candles are made from plant-based soy wax, and hand-poured in small batches. 



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