Supporting History - Museum of the American Revolution

Our Mission

At Liberty & Co., we love designing great products, but there’s a more important cause behind our brand. We are most passionate about is preserving American Colonial history, so we want to do our small part in supporting that endeavor by educating generations to come.

You make a difference with every purchase!

When you buy Liberty & Co. products, 10% of every purchase is donated annually to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA. So not only are you getting a great quality, historical t-shirt, you’re also helping to contribute to the preservation and continuing education of American history.

Why The Museum of the American Revolution?

The Museum of the American Revolution is the quintessential resource of the American Revolutionary era. Quite simply, there’s no better or more comprehensive educational experience encapsulating the social issues, politics,  and tribulations of the times.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, use the link below to visit!

Annual Contributions

2019 Donation to the Museum of the American Revolution
2020 Annual MoAR Contribution

Grand Total Contribution

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